Select the Right Customer For Your Next Case Study

This checklist will help you pick the right client the first time, uncover the best stories and optimize the use of your case studies.

  1. In what way is this story different from the ones you already have?
  2. Does the client match the characteristics of your ideal customer profile (company size, industry, function, title)?
  3. Would this story promote a service or product that is key to achieving your revenue objectives?
  4. Does the theme of this story support current and future marketing campaigns?
  5. What sales objections would this story address?
  6. Is the customer truly happy? (You’d be surprised …)
  7. Will he or she agree to be named?
  8. Is now a good time to ask the customer?
  9. Is there really an interesting story to tell?
  10. Does the client fully recognize the value of your solution?
  11. Can you quantify the benefits in terms of dollars or percentages?
  12. Does your main contact have the authority to approve the release of the story?
  13. Does your customer have something to gain through participation?

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