25 B2B content types to Generate and Nurture Leads

Our clients often ask us what type of content they should use to sustain the interest of early stage leads.

The truth is that people use different channels to obtain information. So, it often makes sense to repurpose existing content into different formats.

25 content ideas to generate and nurture leads

Have a look at the following list to identify which content types you may already have and which ones you should consider in the future.

  1. Blog posts
  2. Social media posts
  3. Email series
  4. Newsletter
  5. Analyst reports
  6. Evaluation guide
  7. How-to guides
  8. Quizzes and surveys
  9. White papers
  10. Book or eBook
  11. Online course
  12. Email course
  13. Videos
  14. Infographics or images to post on sites like Pinterest
  15. FAQ or Tips & tricks
  16. Reviews
  17. Case studies
  18. Webinars
  19. Lunch & learn
  20. Interviews
  21. PowerPoint presentations
  22. Links to recorded presentations
  23. Podcasts
  24. Vertical solution brochure
  25. Press releases

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