B2B Marketing Consulting Services

Whether you’re disappointed with your marketing investments or simply need a fresh perspective, hiring a seasoned B2B marketing consultant can bring you the expertise you need to quickly identify suitable solutions.

Marketing consulting areas of expertise

You’ve heard this joke, right? “A consultant is someone who comes in to solve a problem and stays around long enough to become part of it.”

At bNurture, we’re not magicians and we don’t claim to be able to solve all problems. Like any consultant, we have specialties. Sometimes we’re a good fit, and sometimes we’re not. However, if you need to drive new or incremental revenue by solving the challenges of low-quality leads, sales opportunity leakage and an unpredictable sales pipeline, we can provide actionable recommendations on what to do next.


Consulting fees are determined based on individual projects, but if you require B2B marketing expertise for a short period, we can also establish a bank of hours.

As a natural extension of our marketing consulting services, we also offer coaching services to ensure that the recommended action plan is implemented on schedule and on budget.

For a longer-term engagement, you may want to consider our Virtual Marketing Director Service.

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