B2B Sales Collateral

Your sales team is much more likely to close deals if you provide them with sales and marketing collateral they can actually use.

These tools need to help them overcome objections and reinforce your value proposition every step of the sales process. They should also be brand aligned and cohesive with other collateral pieces.

How marketing collateral enhances sales productivity

Your salespeople’s time is too valuable to be spent creating or re-creating sales and marketing collateral. However, if your sales people don’t feel their documentation is useful, that is exactly what they will end up doing.

When done correctly, sales and marketing collateral will help you:

  • Boost sales productivity
  • Grab your prospect’s attention
  • Facilitate conversations in your favour
  • Build instant credibility

Our approach to develop sales and marketing collateral

Developing useful collateral starts by properly understanding the customer’s journey. Buyer personas are an incredibly powerful tool for discovering the concerns and questions the prospect has at each stage of the buying process.

From there, we consult with your salespeople to identify the type of documentation that consistently produces winning outcomes.

The result is a collection of cohesive sales and marketing collateral that salespeople can easily customize depending on the prospect’s role or industry.


Pricing depends on the type of collateral you want to produce.

We offer design, copywriting and printing services for brochures, product sheets, oversized postcards, and booklets, as well as newsletters, case studies and white papers.

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