Lead Nurturing Programs

You probably spend tens of thousands of marketing dollars to acquire new customers every year only to realize that a large percentage of them are not “sales-ready.”

Although those long-term leads are often lost, ignored or discarded by salespeople, research shows they represent the majority of a company’s future sales.

Unlike marketing campaigns, lead nurturing is a process that continually engages potential buyers with relevant and timely content as they progress through the sales cycle.

Get the maximum return on your marketing dollar

Successful businesses reserve a portion of their marketing budget for lead nurturing to:

  • Convert inquiries into leads, leads into clients, and clients into repeat customers
  • Maintain an ongoing relationship outside of regular sales follow-ups
  • Create a healthier pipeline
  • Reduce opportunity leakage
  • Build credibility

Master the lead nurturing process

Why reinvent the wheel? Our proven methodology allows you to:

  • Calculate the number of leads you need to achieve your revenue goals
  • Refine your lead management progress
  • Adopt a lead nurturing strategy based on your resources and capabilities
  • Create an editorial calendar
  • Commit to a nurture schedule
  • Track and measure lead nurturing effectiveness


Our rates to develop a lead nurturing program depend on your content and data maturity levels, but typically start at CAD $900.

Contact us for a quote. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits.