Buyer Persona Development Services

Buyer personas are extremely valuable to understand the goals, motivations and decision processes of your ideal customers.

In fact, a study conducted by Aberdeen Research shows that marketers who use buyer personas and map content to the buyer’s journey enjoy 73% higher conversion (20% vs. 12%).

Why you need to create buyer personas

Buyer personas give a face to the person you’re trying to reach and empower you to:

  • Relate to your prospects with more empathy
  • Develop relevant value propositions
  • Refine and adapt your messaging as your business evolves
  • Craft a compelling content strategy
  • Close more deals

Our approach to create buyer personas

Buyer personas are often confused with customer segments, but they require substantial research and analysis.

We start by developing custom questionnaires based on your goals and objectives.

Then, we interview real prospects, customers, or even lost customers. If necessary, we also conduct complementary research and incorporate feedback based on team members’ personal experience during customer interactions.

Once compiled, all this raw data helps us identify common patterns.

Lastly, we summarize what we’ve learned and give each buyer persona a name and a face.


Our buyer persona writing services start at $2,500.

Alternatively, we also offer coaching services with a flexible bank of hours if you want to learn how to develop your own buyer personas. Contact us for more information.