PowerPoint Design

Everybody knows how to create a basic PowerPoint presentation, but sometimes the stakes are higher.

If you’re preparing for a conference, webinar or sales pitch, you don’t want something that just looks nice. You want a presentation that will hook your audience from the first slide.

Why outsource your PowerPoint design?

Hiring a professional designer allows you to:

  • Empower your sales team with stellar presentations that engage
  • Save yourself some time by focusing only on slide content
  • Add emotion-grabbing visuals to increase memory retention
  • Break through the noise
  • Ensure your presentations are “on brand”

Our PowerPoint creation process

It’s fairly simple. You send us your slides. We schedule a 30-minute call to go over the creative brief. You receive your redesigned slides shortly thereafter.


Certain agencies price their design services based on the number of slides. We prefer to give you a quote once we’ve discussed the project specifics.

Some presentations are very long, but only require a two or three types of specific slides. Others are fairly short, but incorporate more complex graphics and illustrations.

Contact us for a quote.