Content Strategy

Creating content without a content strategy is like going to Montreal without a map. Sure, you’ll get to see the city, but you may not get the most from your trip.

To avoid falling into the trap of creating content for content’s sake, you need to develop a content strategy that identifies the type of content your audience wants and the various channels you should use.

Our approach to content strategy

When developing a content strategy, our goal is to deliver tangible results. These are the steps we take in our content strategy creation process:

  • Align your content to a specific set of purposes
  • Create buyer personas to understand what content resonates with your ideal customer
  • Perform a content audit and a gap analysis
  • Conduct a competitive web content analysis
  • Discern your own voice
  • Research the best keywords
  • Identify the best content formats and platforms
  • Assign responsibilities for creating content on a regular basis
  • Define an editorial process
  • Determine how to assess your content performance


Pricing for a comprehensive content strategy varies depending on the scope of the project and the amount of work that has already been done, but you should expect a budget of at least $3,000.

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