Sales Kit Design

How much are you paying your best salespeople? Now, imagine you could increase their effectiveness by 10% or even just 5%. Wouldn’t that be worth the investment?

A properly designed B2B sales kit should enhance your salespeople’s effectiveness, before, during and after the sale. Don’t limit your options with brochures.

Consider three-dimensional mailers to get noticed by decision makers and resource kits to improve the efficiency of resellers. And what about after the sale? Pocket folders offer versatile options to upsell or cross-sell customers on additional or premium products or services.

Why use professionally designed sales kits?

Having the right sales kit makes all the difference:

  • Get noticed and set appointments in half the time
  • Wow your prospects and customers
  • Enhance your message in a way that simple copy cannot
  • Maintain consistency throughout your network of partners and resellers
  • Stand out from the pack

Our sales kit creation process

We always start with a detailed creative brief. The brief addresses your design options, but also any special printing or collating requirements you may have.

We accompany you every step of the way, from the initial design phase to the printing and fulfillment of your order.


Sales kits vary greatly in size, shape and complexity. Contact us for a quote.