Case Study Writing Services

Well-written case studies are important elements of any content strategy. They have proven many times over that they are effective tools to convince prospects of the benefits of your products and services while strengthening the credibility of your firm.

Case studies invoke emotions

The purpose of a case study is to get the attention of prospects by writing stories they can relate to. When case studies invoke emotions, they are probably your best marketing asset.

As opposed to a traditional sales approach that praises the merits of your solution, a case study demonstrates by way of example that your organization is the trusted choice to meet a specific need, because you understand the problem that the client is trying to solve.

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Why use case studies

There are plenty of opportunities to use case studies:

  • Distribute them as trade show handouts
  • Use them as a “leave behind” after a sales conversation
  • Post them on your site or share them on social media to generate interest
  • Include them in RFPs or PowerPoint presentations

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Our approach to write case studies

Your organization is an expert in its field and your communication should reflect that level of professionalism. Your case studies need to be captivating, well written and presented in an attractive way.

With our extensive knowledge of various industries, we can help you build a proper content strategy that leverages your case studies to unleash the true potential of your organization.


Our case study writing services start at $1,300/case study (in English and/or French). Contact us for details.