Value Propositions

Clear, compelling messaging is the key to reaching and persuading potential customers. And it all starts with three fundamentals: an ideal customer profile, a clear understanding of what sets your business apart and value propositions for specific buyer personas.

Why do we say value propositions with an “s”? Because, although you may provide the same product or service to the same customer segment, your buyer personas may perceive the value of the tangible benefits very differently.

The important role of value propositions

Well-crafted value propositions…

  • Pique curiosity and challenge the status quo
  • Break through the noise
  • Serve as a foundation for all your sales and marketing messaging
  • Maximize your conversion rates
  • Clarify how your prospects will benefit from doing business with you

How we create compelling value propositions

Value propositions are developed through a co-creation process during which we:

  • Clarify who your ideal customer really is
  • Discover what differentiates your business from your competitors
  • Focus on the most pressing needs of your buyer personas
  • Determine where the impact of your offering can be most easily quantified
  • Test your value propositions


Need some help to craft engaging value propositions?

Our copywriting services start at CAD $900. Contact us to discuss your project.